A Quick Shout Out To My Nipples

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

As I was tweaking my nipples, for no reason other then to make myself laugh and go "hehe" (because you need that break in your day) I really thought to myself how my nipples really don't get enough attention and their fair share of respect and I felt like just giving my nipples a nice shout out.

Sure my nipples don't dispense vitamins, they aren't pierced (because I'm just too afraid someone might accidentally rip one off by mistake and by someone I mean me) so I can't use them for any functional tasks per se (like lifting things from my non-existent nipple rings) nor are they attached to awesome man breasts (but if I had boobs I don't think I'd come out of the house) - but I still love them.

They're a part of the family.

So yay for nipples!

And yay for my Asian American nipples (because technically my nipples are a part of the APIA community)!


There is no other underlying context here except to talk about my nerple friends...