CAAM 2014 Documentary Fund Awards

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

And funds go to...

  • #NailedIt: Vietnamese & The Nail Industry by Adele Pham/Producer I. Adele Ray
  • Giap’s Last Day at the Ironing Board Factory by Tony Nguyen/Producer Steven Okazaki
  • The Last Season by Sara Dosa/Producer Josh Penn
  • Like a Rolling Stone: The Life & Times of Ben Fong-Torres by Suzanne Joe Kai
  • Rightfooted by Nick Spark/Producer Mona Lisa Yuchengco
  • Tashi’s Turbine by Amitabh Joshi/Co-producers Erik Spink and Nabin Uprety
  • Last Days in Vietnam produced by Rory Kennedy for American Experience
  • Tough Love by Stephanie Wang-Breal/Producer Carrie Weprin and Co-Producer Ursula Liang
  • Tyrus Wong: Brushstrokes in Hollywood by Pamela Tom/Producers Gwen Wynne and Tamara Khalaf/Co-producer Linda Barry
Get more information on each of the documentaries at the CAAM website.