Ki Hong Lee And The Maze Runner Go # 1 At The Box Office

Monday, September 22, 2014

I haven't seen the film yet, so I can't say much about the character, but nice to see Ki Hong Lee who we've seen in some Wong Fu productions make it to a movie that opened up #1 at the box office this weekend.

Here's a snippet from a recent interview @ NPR:

GOODWYN: How open is Hollywood to having an Asian-American play the hero?

LEE: I consider Minho a hero. We're still making babysits, and hopefully this is my contribution to progress.

GOODWYN: What kinds of other things would you like to do as an actor?

LEE: I remember talking with a friend. He asked me a question. He said what's your end game? What's your goal with this? And I said to him, you know, I want to win the Academy Award one day. And he said, OK. I was like, how about you? He goes, I just want to be a working actor. I want to get paid to do what I love. And immediately I regretted my answer because his answer was so much better than mine because for me, back then, I was thinking about the end result. I was thinking about the awards, and I was thinking about the money and all these things. But for me now, it's like, if I'm working on any project that I care about, you know, and if they pay me to do something that I love, that is the best job that one can ask for.