Fuck Me #1 - #3 + Trump Gets A Little Chinky In Iowa + Do You Know How Much Money We Owe The White Countries?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

If you happened to be watching, and maybe you were or maybe you just saw a piece of his speech (that would be me) you couldn't help but notice the xenophobia when talking about the deficit and "mimicking" (AKA see getting kind of Chinky) someone from China in Trump broken English - and yes - that seemed to illicit some smiles from his supporters.

That's fuck me #1 because we all know where that goes.

Just the other day I was talking with a fairly liberal White Man and while they don't like Trump they said they understood him - where he's coming from. It was said in such a way that while not liking Trump they could feel his base concerns and while there was nothing specific mentioned, you can only wonder...

That's fuck me #2 because you can't deny Trump is hitting a "nerve" with people who - you know - maybe still have reservations on so many Brown people, and themselves becoming the minority in this country, even if they're liberals. They may not vote for them, but still - fuck me #2 right? Because we all know the liberal White People who aren't quite as liberal as they think.

And finally - because it's almost my bedtime and I still want coffee - why is it that the Asian countries get called out - specifically China and Japan - when out of the $6.175 trillion there're a butt-load of non-Asian countries who "own" a piece of America too (see the treasury.gov numbers)?

I get it - you don't want one country holding too much - but how come you never hear about Ireland, Belgium, or Switzerland?

In Billions:

Ireland $217.7
Switzerland - $217.1
United Kingdom 2/ - $214.7
Belgium - $207.7
Luxembourg - $184

Add it up - that's $1041.2 billion - aka over a $1 Trillion.

The next Asian country holding any U.S. Treasury Securities outside of China or Japan is Hong Kong - #11 on the list at $181.3 billion.

If you decide to break it down into Asian and Non-Asian countries who we owe money too it's pretty damn even - because we're equal opportunity for cash in this country - sometimes...

But you never hear about how those Irish and Belgium "Engrish" speaking MF's are slowly buying up America do you?


They just focus on the Asian countries, which can turn the focus on Asian Americans and not in a good way (because we're just a bunch of shitty speaking english MF's who no doubt will sell out the U.S. even though we live here and are citizens).

And yes - that is fuck me #3 - and yes, I will end with a poem even though you didn't ask.

Nighty night,
Don't let the Donald fuck you up,
Jorge Ramos needs a comic too.