My Random Thoughts On Ashley And Madison

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I try not to make judgements in regard to people's relationships in the sense that I don't know what goes on in private, what hardships are going on, bumps in the road - relationships and marriages and partnerships all take work - I can't condemn someone for "cheating" because it's not my place to judge because maybe it was already on the rocks, maybe there was abuse and that was there way of figuring it out/getting out - I just don't know and that's the point.

At the same time, I don't know who signs up for anything or why. I signed up for Tinder to see how the user interface worked and as an experiment to see how many swipes I could get as an Asian American male in 24 hours (which is currently a post taking time - and yes - I did get me some swipes). My partner was fully aware and I showed her all the data and my account was then deleted - nothing nefarious. So I can't really judge anyone if I would find out they were on the Ashley Madison site because I don't know the reasons - or if they even went through with anything versus just signing up. Nor do I know if maybe the relationship is open to those types of encounters.

That's my take at least and if you want to find out if you've been breached in any way - from any site - check out the site. And no - I'm not one of those people to put in anyone else's data because I believe in privacy - but it's a great tool to help you manage your accounts/identity in the wake of data breaches (I was affected in the Adobe hack a while back but luckily I have many accounts, different passwords for multiple sites, etc. so the overall effect wasn't bad).

Ok - back to regularly scheduled programming (that means coffee).


If you are wondering if I ever was on the Ashley Madison site - it's really none of your business so you can keep on guessing.