So People Have No Issues With The White Camera Guys But The Asian American Guy Gets It?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Call me crazy but why is the Asian American guy getting it versus the White camera guys behind him?

Apparently it's all good unless you have slanty eyes?

Make your own judgement, but that's at least what I see and if you make the argument about personal space, etc. - the group could have just went around him - but they didn't. They decided to take that moment and basically push him around.

Again - you can agree to disagree - and we can argue about what a photog should do in situations like that - but to me - it definitely goes both ways and again, I didn't see them going after the White guys with cameras (at the time of filming), or the guy filming it (who was White).

Guess there's no one better to push around than some Asian American kid with glasses?