The Perps In Durham, N.C. Targeting Asian American Business Owners Need To Be Caught

Monday, January 25, 2016

Ish...targeting Asian Americans. Let's hope these perps get caught soon.

A band of armed, masked men have been targeting Asian-American business owners in recent months, police said.

Durham police have responded to 14 such robberies since late October, with the most recent occurring last weekend. Thieves initially were breaking into the business owners' homes when they weren't there, but police said they have changed their tactics, confronting the owners and families in their homes.

The owner of Unique Nails, at 3808 Guess Road, said he was cooking in his garage Saturday night when he was confronted by five men with guns. They kicked in the door to his home and held his wife, his two children, his nephew and a friend at gunpoint.

The men beat him and demanded money, he said Wednesday, still showing scars on his head from the assault.

"I am worried they will harm my family, my children and my wife. I had some money, and I gave them," he said.

The robbers then locked everyone in closets and bathrooms while they ransacked the house, taking whatever money and jewelry they could find, the man said.

"They thought the Asian people keep the money in the house, but they are wrong," he said.


Daddy uses a bank.