True White Life: If Your Name Is Bundy Apparently You Can Do Whatever The Hell You Want

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The above picture was taken towards the end of November at the 4th precinct in North Minneapolis where protests were happening over the shooting of Jamar Clark.

You can count 4 police cars with their lights on and some nice flood lights.

Imagine if BLM activists and allies decided to do the same thing the Bundy's did?


We all have the right to protest - but when you start bringing guns - that's a different story.

Even though the Bundy's are out in "nowhere" where they say tactics can be different - imagine if a group of Americans who were Muslim decided to take over an unoccupied building in the middle of nowhere to protest against racial profiling.

You think the response would be the same?

You don't think that place would get a hundred FBI agents in the blink of an eye?

You don't think the response would be something like:

1. "They could have a bomb."
2. "This could lead to other armed protests around the country and we need to take swift action."
3. "We can't take their word that they won't use violence. They've already brought guns."

If you don't think the tables would absolutely be different, with every excuse and benefit of the doubt that is afforded to the Bundy's, never be given to a group of protesters who happen to black or brown....I'll just tell you that those lights aren't flood lights.

They're the mother ship telling you to come back home...