#Oscars #Fail: Everybody Hates @Chrisrock And His Bad Asian Jokes

Monday, February 29, 2016

If you didn't get a chance to watch the Oscars and hear the "jokes" (I was out trying to find my parole officer's pet parakeet who reminds me, and not so oddly, of The Trump) - don't worry. Plenty of sites already have articles on it as well as video:

I've always thought Chris Rock was a great comedian (in total even though I've taken issue with some of his jokes - and I haven't seen everything he's done) and I can't fault him for focusing mainly on Black American issues throughout his career - but I can fault him for bad Asian/Asian American jokes that perpetuate stereotypes of our people. That joke (and were those even the kids' real names or was that some Ching Chong too?) juxtaposed with the fact that we have no representation in places like the Oscars - it makes it even more unpalatable.

I see Grown Ups 3 in Chris Rock's future and I'm guessing that will be a step up from this...