Thank You: This Post Is For My People

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I think in part I had to start blogging again simply because this is where it's received. I'm a little search, a little rant, sometimes micro poster in a long form blogging world and this is my outlet to post on the Asian American experience.

When everyone doesn't always want to listen to the Asian American experience.

To see the Asian American experience. Feel it in their body down to their core.

Because not everyone can get it.

They may not say anything against it but they can't validate it and verify it either. They're at a loss for the words to participate in the conversation.

Or they just don't want to.

They don't see the struggle of Asian Americans. How we aren't seen and heard on some of the loudest and highest stages. How we still have to fight for what sometimes can seem like every inch just to get a little piece of that dream in everyday life because we're still the ones who take away jobs, go where we shouldn't, and are un-trustworthy at a visceral level in the consciousness of America that still sees Asian Americans only peripherally.

But this isn't for them.

This is for you.

For letting this space be what it is and for letting it flow out of my keyboard like it does because sometimes I just have to get on a rant, or a post, a video in short form, one sentence, maybe it's just a title - but still something that says - yes - this is where you're at.

Because not everyone understands this blog. Not everyone wants to associate themselves with it or admit that they read it - though they may not mind getting a post on it. They don't understand the hyperbole, the visceralness, the irony of the title, the pop of the title, the fact that there's a method to my madness because yes - we're aren't always proper and I think it's important to show it, and they just may not like what I have to say and the fact that there's a platform for me to say it - even though I'm just an iddy biddy guppy in an Alphabet sized world.

I once had a local AAPI arts organization approach me about being on an advisory board except they kinda stopped dialing once they saw my blog here (at least that's my best guess on that because the timing was suspect). And I get it. No hard feelings. I'm sure there's a handful of posts here that could be considered...well...of ill repute (and if you can't handle my posts or think they shape my whole being well - that was probably best anyway?).

And then there are those that think what I do here online is a joke.

Or a liability.

Or both...

But this my place.

My house.

The House Of Slanty if you must MF's.

And I'll say what I will.

And sure - there's no editors. Sometimes no restraint. Sometimes written like yes I did just start learning to conjugate verbs.

But I believe I do something good here.

I wouldn't be here if I wouldn't and like I've always said - if this blog can turn on some more people to the Asian American vibe - in any form - that's what it's about it.

So thank you for supporting it.

For reading it.

Finding a video.

A show.

A news snippet.

For passing it around.

For being down with the cause even if you may not agree with everything I have to say or the way that I say it.

And probably most of all - thank you for being a part of the conversation.