Up North: Asian Canadian Told To Go Back To Her Fucking Coutry

Monday, January 28, 2019

Hmmmm - apparently if you park your car as an Asian woman, you get told to go back to your fucking country.

How quaint huh?

On Jan. 21, Lisa La was heading to the Sobeys on 50 Street and 23 Avenue in south Edmonton. She backed her small car into an empty parking space as another vehicle pulled into the empty space behind her. As she got out of her car, she noticed the man was still sitting in his vehicle. She went into the store to do her shopping. When she came back out about 15 minutes later, she found a note under her windshield. It read, “Back to your f***ing country Asian.” “I must have pissed him off by parking in that spot because he was intending to drive through and use it,” she said. But who’s to know?