Asian Dad Says Stay The Fuck Inside AKA When White People Kill Themselves AKA Just Pleasure Yourself

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

In some ways it doesn't matter what side you're on or if you're squished in the middle--it's already happening. There's nothing you can do about it.

You have no choice.



Fuck Liberty.

You're sill free.



Schools, workplaces, whole cities--shut down.

People are losing their jobs.

People are scared.

And everyone's making a sacrifice. A lot of people are doing their part including parents who will be spending way too much time with their kids at home and spouses who will have to look at each other day in and day out and wonder how they got to where they were, and it'll be either a lot of work for divorce lawyers, or a ton a' new babies!

So don't go the fuck out of your house if you don't need to.

Don't party in the street because you want to "Give it to the man".

Don't be a Rudy Gobert.

Stay home and jerk off.

Massage your balls for a while. Work on the technique.

Use that brand new dildo you didn't get to use last month. Slickin' that MF up! Make it rain!

We just have to make the best out of what's happening because there's no use fighting it.

To do so would just be irresponsible.

Stay home. Be safe.

Take the time and think about all the things you didn't do before, all the things you might have taken for granted--

And how you'll definitely embrace those when this is all over.