An Open Letter To MF's Posting On The Film Joy Ride And Not Mentioning Chinese Adoptees

Monday, May 08, 2023

Dear MF's Posting On The Film Joy Ride:

First--funny how people have asked for me to post on so much shit over the years in regard to film, but you call closing your ranks when it comes to MF Joy Ride. Cool. I get it. But that's why I'm also blogger and not beholden to any MF's.
Second. Listen--when you are posting up on this film--and see my other post on this cause I'm not trying to sink it--it's not just a tale about identity and self-discovery.
It's about a Chinese American who was adopted going back to China--the motherlands--to search for their Chinese family, their original family. By not talking about it, you are ERASING A WHOLE GROUP OF MF's that already can get left out of the diaspora--now a WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE IS DEDICATED TO THIS JOURNEY--WHICH A LOT OF TIMES IS NOT SOME HAPPY MF TIME--and you MF's leave that shit out?
I would like you to re-think that shit MFs.
At least get that shit correct because you're leaving out a FUCK TON when you leave that shit out. 
That is all MFs.