What Do We Have To Do? Victims of the Allen Mall Shooting in Texas Identified, Right Wing Racist Shooter Motives

Monday, May 08, 2023

As more news comes out about the shooting at the Allen Mall in Texas we are learning more about the victims of the shooting with many being Asian American. Right now from current news reports the following have been identified.

Victims Of The Shooting

The Shooter Had Connections To Racist Groups

As being reported by the BBC, the shooter had ties to racist groups:He was seen on video with a clothing patch with the letters RWDS, which stands for "Right Wing Death Squad". This is a phrase popular among right-wing extremists and white supremacy groups [...] An account run by the suspect on a Russia-based social network seen by BBC News includes pictures of Nazi swastikas and SS tattoos, other posts glorifying Nazis, and rambling messages about violence

What Do We Have To Do?

To be honest, I don't know what happens next. What do we do? How do we combat both lobbyists and industry here in the US to have sensible gun laws as well as combat racism against Asian Americans, immigrants, and BIPOC?

How do you shoot a fucking 3 year-old? What allows someone to think they should and can get away with this--and they did, let's be fucking honest. What makes you see a Korean American family and shoot to kill? I don't understand--I mean, I understand, but there's a culture here in the U.S. that makes people think this is OK. And it's backed by these conversations that we let happen, versus saying there's no place for them--versus not electing politicians to a seat who have views that create the foundation for this.

And a 2th grader? A 4th grader? 8 and 10 around? What makes someone think that killing them serves any purpose? Just to say they don't care if we're dead or alive?

This is so fucked up.

And the significance of it happening in APIA Heritage Month and just after Cinco De Mayo?

That makes it even more fucked up.

I don't know.

I honestly just don't fucking know.

But I will say this. I am glad that fucker is dead.

To all those that last everything--what do you say? You can't. There's nothing that could be said to them to truly comfort them. Not right at least I believe.

But what we need to do is not let racism die. In all its forms, we have to combat it. We have to stand up to it. I don't care where it is, if you're getting thrown down some racist MF shit at the hands of people--even those liberals who think they aren't racist but uphold racist structures--we have to call it out.

In some way, we have to make it known we won't stand for this.

Because we cannot stand for this.