A Little Chloe, A Little Flower, A Whole Bunch Of Awesome

Monday, August 21, 2023


Recently featured on CBS last month here's a little bit of Chloe Flower.

From the NY Times

Big Break: After studying at the Manhattan School of Music and the Royal Academy of Music, Ms. Flower developed her Popsical style, which implements pop song structures with trap beats and strings, but she struggled to find someone willing to take a chance on her work. Around 2008, a well-connected friend brought her to a Babyface concert in Atlantic City, and Ms. Flower met the artist backstage. She later emailed him a GarageBand demo of her music. “His manager wrote me back saying, ‘He likes what he heard,’” Ms. Flower said. “I flew to L.A. with my mom to meet him and he signed me the same day.”

Stream her music.