Asian Americans Getting Put In The Middle Again (AKA WTF Is Going On In Florida?)

Monday, August 21, 2023

You really do have to ask the question of what is happening down in Florida. When I grew up it was simply the place old people went to retire and you visited the Disney place (I can never remember which one is there and I'm too lazy to Google it).

Now? It's just a bastion of WTF racially, where it's like anything goes.

How do you not spend money on DEI?

How do you say that Black Americans benefited from Slavery?

How can you say that modern America doesn't oppress the whole MF BIPOC community?

And now you have this wedge of putting APIA's in the middle

I will agree with Gregg Orton and say as well that opportunity, justice, and equity, cannot be a zero-sum game.