I've Passed 7000 Blog Posts This Month!

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

I will admit that not every post here on this blog has been long and meaty--like some of the articles and posts I've done for other places throughout the years--absolutely.

But that also hasn't always been the point. 

It's been about exposure.


Just sharing my thoughts from my own Asian American and Vietnamese American/TRA POV and from a community of color, an immigrant.

Small ripples that turn into something bigger, or that have the ability to--because not everything will and not everything does, and not everything has to.

I've never strived to be anything more than what I am here in regard to the writing and the community--and I'm so happy I've stayed so indie over the years. 

I do other community projects. I try to affect change in different ways outside of this venue. My 9-5s and other eandevors have incorporated these other pieces--like fighting for equity and diversity in these other landscapes, helping to build what I can and work with those that can do that as well--and I wouldn't be where I am without this blog. Without the experiences, internal and external, that have come with it. 

It's been a journey, an impetus to do more, and a piece of my identity that I will always love.

Thanks for reading and supporting over all these years--because yes--1 or 2 views, an email, a message, an invite, et al.,---they all go a long way to inspire someone to keep doing what they do.