Fox Chapel High School students create anti-Asian Web site

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well you might as well start while you’re young:

“An Asian-American hate-crime watch group has accused a group of Fox Chapel Area High School students of racism for posting an anti-Asian Web site.

A student affiliated with the site said it was a joke that got out of hand.

‘Anti-Asians Anonymous’ surfaced on the social networking site Facebook several months ago and included the names of 16 Fox Chapel Area students who had joined. Asian-American Fallout Central, which operates a Web site designed to “mobilize Asian-Americans against the racism and prejudices facing us in the United States and beyond,” posted pages from the Facebook group in June and urged critics to complain to school officials.

The Facebook group, which the Fox Chapel students have removed, contained postings about Asian stereotypes. It had ungrammatical and misspelled references to Pearl Harbor, chopsticks and anime. Included was a photo of an Asian man with a cartoon-style caption: ‘I ate your dog and I’m not sorry.’ “

Read the full article here at Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - and yes, at the top of the article is the Fox Chapel Area High School logo….makes you wonder…..