News Roundup

Friday, July 20, 2007

White Boxing Promoter Calls Fighter a ‘Black Freaking Monkey’

Gary Shaw, a White boxing promoter who handles eight African-American fighters, called one of his own clients a “Black monkey,” according to a taped interview with boxer Anthony Hanshaw’s manager, Bryan Justus.

L’Oreal fights back from racism charge

L’Oreal were allegedly up in arms about the verdict stating that Garnier will appeal the case, with the stigma attached to being involved in the case thought to dent the company’s reputation in the cosmetics industry.

The Open stunned by racism and drugs rows

The racism issue was the first to rear its head. It concerned a speech made at the Association of Golf Writers’ annual bash by Graham Brown, a former captain of Hoylake and a member of the R & A’s rules committee. In it, he referred to the Japanese as “Nips”…

Louisiana Racism vs the Jena Six

Last week in Detroit, the NAACP held a mock funeral for the N-word. But a chilling case in Louisiana shows us how far we have to go to bury racism.

WP: Culinary xenophobia? A Taste of Racism in the Chinese Food Scare?

Jeff Yang notes that “food libel” has long been a part of a larger fear of China and the Chinese. Actually, in general culinary xenophobia, has been a way to establish a difference between “us-ness” and “them-ness.” (note how both Filipinos and Koreans have been labled “dog-eaters”).