Vietnamese Traffickers Get Nabbed….

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Check it:

Six jailed for selling Vietnamese girls to Taiwan, Malaysia

A Ho Chi Minh City court sentenced Thursday a Vietnamese woman to 12 years in prison and her Taiwanese husband to seven years for selling 126 Vietnamese girls to Taiwan and Malaysia.

Tran Thi My Phuong, 35, and her husband Tsai I Hsein, and four accomplices who all got five to ten years were convicted for “trafficking women”.

One of the accomplices, 35-year-old Phan Thi Hong Yen, got 10 years.

They were also fined VND10-50 million (up to US$3,125) each.

The ring was busted after a victim, who managed to escape back, complained to Vietnamese police who arrested Phuong and Hsien in March last year.

For several years the gang cajoled young girls, mostly from rural regions in the Mekong River Delta, to go to Taiwan for marriages. Once there, they were sold like chattels.

In 2005 it switched from Taiwan to Malaysia where girls the fetched $1,500-2,000 each. Their Malaysian suitors, mostly disabled or old, could ‘return’ the girls if they were not satisfied after a week of living with them.

The gang even sold the women publicly at bars for 17,000-25,000 ringgits (up to $7,285).

At the hearing, the traffickers claimed to lose money from most of their transactions.

From victims who either managed to escape or were released after they paid off the gang the court learned that those who refused to marry would be beaten or kept in isolation.

Many were forced to work in brothels until they were ‘registered’ by a suitor.

Many escaped by walking to Thailand and were arrested there for illegal immigration.

The court rejected the defendants’ request for leniency based on the fact that some of the victims had themselves desired the marriages.

This is one of the biggest trafficking cases busted in Vietnam.

Jesus. While you’re definitely glad that these MFs got their due and you know doing time in a Vietnamese jail isn’t like a country club here in the U.S. - 12 years and a fine? PLEASE. I know it’s difficult to catch these MFs, but when caught - they gotta be harsher with their penalties….