An Open Letter To The White Girl In The Skirt Who Ducked Into The Bathroom At My Work Because She Thought I Was Leering At Her

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear White Girl In The Skirt Who Ducked Into The Bathroom At My Work Because She Thought I was Leering At Her:

First, let me just say that I get (as much as I can being a man) being in the workplace and not being able to wear something like a skirt without having misc men sexualize you and not see you for the cubicle worker bee that you are.

Even though I can't actually know what it's like to be a woman in the workplace, at least from friends and other women I've talked with, or who's stories I've read - I at least like to think I'm conscious of sexism in the workplace.

But as an Asian American man, you are not the epitome of beauty. You are not the end all be all that will take me away from my iphone (which I was getting ready to look at to read e-mail as I was walking down the hallway so I could see who in the world of subsidiaries wanted to kick my ass because I have to say "No, you can't have that project on that date because of resources").

It's not my fault the hallway is really really long from the south wing to the north wing and that I was walking behind you. I can't help it if you felt like someone was staring at your ass in your skirt. I actually wasn't (and yes, I can see someone wearing a skirt without having to oogle their ass as shocking as that might sound).

And then you duck in the bathroom and look behind you (a clear sign you wanted to get out of the "voyeurs view")?

I think you noticed me walking behind already - you knew it was me - you knew I was an Asian guy.

I'm not saying you wouldn't have ducked into the bathroom if I wasn't Asian (maybe you just felt oogled) - but the fact that you're White, I'm an Asian American male who's sometimes looked at as a total perv simply because I'm an Asian American male (and you really need to get to know me to know that yes, I really am kind of a pervert) -- somehow it all just felt a little wrong.

So I say to White Women everywhere who think the Asian American guy walking behind you is oogling your ass simply because you're White and you're in a skirt:

Please get over yourself.

You're not that hot and my dick doesn't get automatically hard when seeing you (that's reserved for my Kama Sutra Muppet Edition) .

See you around,