I'm Not Proud Of It But Sometimes I Do It (Follow White People Around In My Car)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm not tough. If you've ever met me in person you'll agree to this fact. I'll freely admit this (in part because I prefer to spend my time masturbating to quality porn rather than perfecting my fighting skills).

But I still can't help but fuck with people sometimes.

I know that one day it'll bite me in the ass (even though I'd like to think I won't fuck with people I can't at least run from) - but again - I still can't help it.

And I'll admit - sometimes I like to fuck with White People.

For instance sometimes I happen to run across people who for some reason or another decide to honk and get road ragey with me even though they're the ones cutting me off. And sometimes it happens to be a granola tree hugging White Guy with his granola tree hugging White Girl - who also seems to find it funny and amusing that her White Man honked at the Asian guy.

Like I said - I'm not tough and many a days you'll find me in my car humming along to the sweet sweet sounds of pop letting my hair flop around in the wind looking like Geek 101 (but who doesn't have those days right? I mean we can't all be drifting around in a hot car, and truth be told, I like my everyman's sedan that's not too flashy).

Sometimes though - it just gets to me when that happens and I can't help but feel like somehow, someone's exerting their Whiteness on me because they see me somehow in a state that seems submissive to them (see the above reference to my pop-loving self).

So I get aggressive.

I feel like having some fun.

I flip the channel to something a little harder, turn it up, my face goes a little harder and the next thing you know that stereotype for them flips from being one of the submissive Asian guy to the angry POC.

And yes - I'm okay with that.

In fact - I'm banking on that.

You can say it's wrong - and yes it technically is - but there's just something a little fun about pulling up alongside a car filled with granolas who had to get a little White on you and seeing them get scared like you're going to really fuck with them in a way they just never thought you would (and then following them around for a good mile around city corners just to add to their anxiety - well - that just adds to the overall enjoyment).

Again - I'm not proud of doing things like this.

But sometimes I just can't help myself.