SF Weekly + "Your Next Asian American Role Model Might Be A Serial Killer In A Film Called Chink"

Thursday, March 15, 2012

From the article:

How did your hero decide pursue the career of a serial killer?

The character, played by Jason Tobin (Better Luck Tomorrow), is an Asian American male whose abuse-filled childhood consists of getting beaten up and made fun of for being Asian. Those traumatic experiences turned him to hate being Asian. Looking for ways to discharge his inner rage, he reads about the escapades of serial killer icons of the past and becomes inspired by them, and decides to become one himself.

I can see some people getting offended by this premise.

For anyone getting uncomfortable just from reading the synopsis, relax. While the main theme is deeply rooted in racial politics, the movie is intended to play out much more lightheartedly. We know that this is a movie that shouldn't take itself too seriously. And if you are concerned about too much violence, don't worry, there's a love story as well. Our hero falls in love with an Asian American femme fatale, from whom he will learn whether if it is ever possible to be a model minority and a serial killer at the same time.