Ashton Kutcher + Brown Face + White Dick Racist Tendencies + Breaking It Down For The Clueless

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Some might say to themselves "Why does he have to be a White Dick, why can't he just be a dick?" to which I'd reply, "Because only White People can be this type of a dick where they indulge in racist tendencies."

Others might say "Ashton didn't do anything even remotely racist, it was funny and you people should learn to laugh a little," to which I'd say, "When a White Person dons black face, brown face, yellow face, et al., in this day and age it's a modern day minstrel show no matter which way you cut it and hearkens back to the days when People Of Color had no visibility or power and were treated less than second class citizens. Because of the inequalities in mainstream society for POC and the xenophobic attitudes that still exist - resulting in lower wages, less power to influence government, school bullying, hate crimes, and less than equal health care treatment (to list a few) - it's just as offensive now as it ever was and possibly even more so because you're supposed to know better."