To The White People Who Think I'm Going To Steal Their Stuff In The Checkout Line

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dear Funny White People,

I don't want to steal whatever it is in your cart that you have that I can just go onto the shelf and get myself. That's why we go to the store - so we don't have to fight over adult diapers and Efferdent. I'm also not interested in the $2.50 your getting back as change along with that coupon attached to the receipt for $1.00 off cheap-ass pantyhose. First, I don't wear pantyhose. Second - even if I did - I sure as hell wouldn't be wearing that cheap-ass shit.

And if I wanted to take your bag?

Well I would have taken that MF faster than you could have said "Who was that naked Asian guy who stole my shit and copped a feel on his way out with his dick going all bouncy bouncy and swinging side to side taking out the shelf of newspapers on the way out?"

You looking back at me and then "subtly" maneuvering your body between you and your bag on the checkout counter doesn't deter me from anything.

It just shows me your ass.

Apropos huh?

Hugs And Kisses.