The Ann Curry Dark Post: A Week Later It Still Hurts And Guess What? The Numbers Still Don't Add Up

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I was e-mailing a friend telling them that for some reason over the past couple of weeks I just had this dark void in my soul and I wasn't really sure why - but as those of you who have dark voids in them know - there's always a reason.

And I think in this case it was that I didn't fully allow myself to mourn the passing of Ann Curry in the tragedy that is Savannah Guthrie, the "Today Show", and that Matt Lauer guy who apparently was never really on her side.

Because we all have to mourn the loss of the tragedy in our lives. And make no mistake - this was tragic - and for no apparent reason either.

Like a senseless shooting the day after Christmas.

Because the numbers don't lie. And the numbers say this:

The former morning juggernaut was beaten last week by "Good Morning America" by 357,000 viewers, the Nielsen Co. said.

"GMA" drew an average of 4.57 million viewers, compared with 4.21 million for "Today," according to preliminary figures.

This represents the largest lead by "GMA" over "Today" in more than 17 years, while extending its top-ranked status to three consecutive weeks, ABC said.