Help The AAJC Raise Some Well Needed Funds (And Really, It's Not That Much)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is what I tell myself when I read things like I'm about to post:

"Dude, just lay-off the fricken BK Double Whopper Meals with a side of value nuggets for 2/3 days and donate just a little. If 1,000 people do that, they can double what they are asking for."


"Pervert, stop doing seedy things with your money. You have enough honey and flour to last you for as long as you'll need for whatever weird and crazy things you might be doing with it...and you don't look good in a thong like you thought you did and was a dare....".

I feel like I shared too much.

On to the post.

Dear friends,

My first few months as president and executive director at AAJC have been full of exciting successes, but they have also been filled with reminders of the many complex challenges still facing our community. I've met passionate advocates nationwide, and each day, I am reminded of the invaluable role that AAJC plays in our community. I'm truly energized by our work, and I am so grateful that it's with the support of friends like you that it is achieved.

Now, as I celebrate my 43rd birthday, I'm asking all of AAJC's supporters, as well as my friends and family, for a very special gift: help me raise $10,000 in new donations over the next 43 days for AAJC's Partners Advancing Justice Capital Campaign. This Campaign is an incredible opportunity for AAJC to double the impact of all new gifts up to $2 million. Your support would mean so much to me personally, and I'm hoping you will help me celebrate my birthday with a gift of $25 or more today.

With each new supporter I meet, I've enjoyed learning your personal story, and hearing why our work is meaningful for you. For my birthday, I invite you to share your story with me, and to hear my own in AAJC's new video:

Friends, help me make my first birthday at AAJC memorable—there are so many ways to join the celebration!

Make a gift and be a partner in the fight for equality. Your tax-deductible gift of any amount will most certainly be appreciated.

Share your personal story with me and show others why you support AAJC.
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Forward this message to your networks using the link below. I am excited to make new friends and expand the AAJC family.

Help me make an impact. Be my partner in advancing justice for the Asian American community. Your generosity directly affects our community's pursuit of equality, and it is with this in mind that I ask you to fulfill my birthday wish. It is only with your support that the Partners Advancing Justice Capital Campaign will be a success, and over the next 43 days, I'd love to see you grant me this birthday wish.

For equality,
Mee Moua
President and Executive Director