Robin Lung + Finding Kukan + Kickstarter

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Got this sent in by Robin Lung, producer and director of Finding Kukan. Check out the kickstarter campaign.


When I discovered a full copy of the lost Oscar-winning film KUKAN, I was ecstatic. But what really captivated me were the stories of the two novice filmmakers behind the making of the movie – a Chinese American author from Hawaii named Li Ling-Ai and a freelance photographer from the Midwest named Rey Scott. Each braved War, Prejudice and Financial Hardship to make a color film of war-torn China that helped change history. Now the world has forgotten them. I’m asking for your help to change that.

FINDING KUKAN will be a feature documentary targeted at a national PBS broadcast that chronicles my quest to restore the badly damaged print of KUKAN and the untold story of its makers to their rightful place in history. It’s a story that has taken me from Hawaii to the mainland and from one coast to the other. It’s also a story that has been winning over friends, colleagues, and complete strangers who have donated time and resources to get us to where we are now -- two thirds of the way through production. Now, at the difficult juncture between production and post-production, WE NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

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