World Pole Dancing Championships

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The only reason I seem to be posting this was because I was catching up on some news, and who knew that just four days ago there was something called the World Pole Dancing Championships...which made me have the following thoughts:

One is that I was just amazed that such a contest was going on.

Two is that I'm kind of sad I wasn't able to attend (and no, that doesn't make me a pervert, in fact, I can think of many other things if I admitted to liking that would actually make me a pervert) - I'd just be curious to see what the arena looked like and if they had a special pole for the championship - was it gold plated and 100 ft tall that competitors had to scale?).

And three - who knew CBS would describe it like this:

The public's perception of pole dancing has recently changed to become a popular sport combining physical strength, technique and choreography.

Now I really don't feel like a pervert.