Kickstart It: The Unbidden + Quentin Lee + Tamlyn Tomita + Karin Anna Cheung + NaRhee Ahn + Amy Hill + Elizabeth Sung + A Whole Lot More

Monday, November 17, 2014

This sounds like a great project from start to finish:

The genesis of The Unbidden began when I attended James Shigeta’s funeral earlier this year. I directed the beloved James as Karin Anna Cheung’s dad in The People I’ve Slept With. When I saw Julia Nickson (Ethan Mao) and Nancy Kwan at the reception, I thought wouldn’t it be nice to design a movie for more veteran Asian American actresses.

Women have been the core characters and audience for psychological thrillers and horror films. It’s sort of the tradition. There are so many talented Asian American actresses around, so why not make something genre with my favorite Asian American actresses?

I completely agree.

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