Young Asian Professional Mentorship Program

Friday, November 14, 2014

Nov. 30 Deadline

Opportunities to meet with this year’s Martell ICONS, Stephen Liu and Chris Tashima and be inspired by their success stories, and gain access to a wider network in your aspiring industry

· Networking reception events in Los Angeles and you will find yourself in the presence of many influential community and business leaders

· Grand Finale Event at a major venue in Las Vegas where you will get to meet and mingle with the ICONS, other key influencers and fellow professionals

· Complimentary trip to Paris and Southeastern France for a Martell Cognac tour

· Itinerary includes: over-night stay in Paris for fabulous meals and sightseeing, staying at Martell’s own chateau in an idyllic Cognac region of France to explore the area and experience an exquisite Cognac tour to learn about Martell, the oldest Cognac house that has been making Cognac history since 1715.
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