Video + Photos + Thoughts: Taking Back The Streets, Seeing A Driver Run Their Car Into Minneapolis Protesters During Peaceful Protests, And The Symbolism Of It All

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Last night like others, I was protesting and marching against the Ferguson decision, in Minneapolis, and it was great to see everyone come out in numbers using their voices and exercising their right to assemble, being a part of a collective of thousands of people in the Twin Cities and across the country who are calling for change. Thank you to the organizers from multiple generations and communities who helped make this happen.

Because it was the way it should be.

We were taking back the streets in an organized and peaceful way with onlooking by law enforcement who did not impede the protest.

We were exercising our right to assemble.

The right to have our voices heard in a public manner and forum in our cities without a militarized law enforcement looking to hurt, versus protect.

We were engaged.


Standing next to one another in hope for change.

But early on in the protest and rally, a driver decided to instead of back up, or going around, or trying to have someone make a path - anything - decided to run their car into protesters. As I was documenting what was going on around me I saw it through my phone and it both surprised and angered me. Here's a link to the video of it.

Why do that?

What is wrong with you?

It wasn't a mob. No one was threatening. And it was clear to see that the street was being blocked off. There was more than enough warning and time to either find another route, or just wait us out.

But no.

They felt the right to close on up and see if they could go right through everyone.

And it's a symbol of why we can't always have a true dialogue in our country on race.

Because some people find it inconvenient.

For them, instead of wanting to hear what we have to say, or at the very least, just acknowledging that we are here and have something to say - they can't do that.

They won't do that.

They think so little of us and what we have to say about the injustices we see and what we have to put up with - and how change is needed - that they literally will run us over.