It's Okay. You Can Think That Asian American Guy Is Sexy As A MF (AKA She Said I Looked Like Wolverine But Only Because She Was High)

Monday, December 01, 2014

I'm not exactly sure why this happened to become a post except that I heard this song on XM from Alesso called "Heroes":

And then it features Tove Lo who either has a great song, or an annoying song (depending on who you ask) in "Habits (Stay High)".

Which I guess is the way my mind is tethered.

And maybe I should see someone about that...

But anyway...

So I was out and about and happened to get into a conversation where for some odd reason, and I say that because I really don't hear that, she had said "You know, I'm only saying this I think because I'm high, but you look like Wolverine right now." We talked for a couple more minutes and then went on our way. Nobody went home with each other. There was no sexy time. In part because I use phrases like sexy time and I also have someone at home to have sexy time with and I'll include myself there as well (because it's okay).

Now I'm not saying anything about anything, but people are obliged to say what they will and I'll take a portion of that as a compliment and a portion of that as a reference to an air that's changing but still there if you have to qualify a compliment with the fact that you were only giving said compliment because you were semi-inebriated.

But it's okay.

Have no fear.

You can think an Asian American guy is sexy if you want to. No need to qualify it. Others don't. Revel in whatever gets you going because it will only be that much better when you just accept it.


Sure, I'll post up that video too, but I'm doing the Hippie Sabotage Remix.