Kickstart it: Josh Fu's Man in Ceiling

Friday, February 13, 2015

Who's Josh Fu?

Josh is a writer, filmmaker, and musician based in Los Angeles. He formerly worked in marketing at Oscilloscope Laboratories on films such as We Need to Talk About Kevin, Meek’s Cutoff, It's a Disaster, 12 O’Clock Boys, Teenage, Coherence, and many more. He continues to run their social media. He has a BFA in Screenwriting from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. He has participated in NBC’s Late Night Writers Workshop, is the recipient of the Venable Herndon Screenwriting Award, and is a California Arts Scholar.

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What's the film about?

MAN IN CEILING follows Ryan, a mid-20s slacker who’s desperately trying to get his act together. He persuades his sister to get him a temp job in her office doing menial data entry, and in an attempt to make a good impression, pulls an all-nighter in the office to finish a time-sensitive project.

But in the middle of the night, when everyone’s gone, he discovers a man hiding above the ceiling tiles of the office. He’s an ex-employee, the one that Ryan is essentially replacing... and stuff gets weird.

MAN IN CEILING explores the anxiety of entering the working world, the weirdness of office culture, and the dissolution of identity in corporate environments -- stuff that’s highly relatable to anyone who’s ever worked in an office. It also involves the early movies of Angelina Jolie, false etymology, and a corned beef sandwich. Because it’s a comedy.