Tom Huang's Unusual Targets: A Hit Man Specializing In Supernatural Beings (Like Vampires And Werewolves)

Monday, February 09, 2015

From writer and director Tom Huang, if you haven't caught the Web Series Unusual Targets - now is your chance.

"...a supernatural comic book-noir web series that follows the story LEE LIN, a man learning the family business... that being a hit man specializing in very unusual targets. Starring Teddy Chen Culver, Jaycie Dotin, Joyce Liu and Elise Cantu, catch this premiere episode, then look out every Tuesday for weekly episodes of Season 1."

Here's a little more from Tom Huang:

"It’s a comic book style show which features something rare in Hollywood today: an Asian-American hero lead. Teddy Chen Culver (“Eat With Me”) plays Lee Lin, a guy trying to learn the family business of being a hit man… a hit man specializing in supernatural beings like vampires and werewolves...The show is shown in weekly 10-minute webisodes, and is now in the second half of its first season. It provides an unique experience within the popular creature-show genre: a black and white presentation, with a retro, 40’s horror film/film noir look."

For more information check out the site @ and the youtube channel @