3X: Nathan Hermida And The Voice

Friday, April 10, 2015

His last performance

While he didn't make the top 12 cut the Film Am made some pretty great runs and gave everyone some nice performances.

On Twitter, Nathan Hermida said: “That’s the way the cookie crumbles! Thank you for all the support through my journey. This has been amazing and I’ve met so many talented people. But this isn’t the end! I’m going to be on a musical grind with covers and original music as soon as I can do so! So stay tuned and always keep up with me! Love you guys“. PS: “I swear I wasn’t pitchy on ‘Chains’ in my band rehearsals LOOOL.” Meanwhile, Adam recall the first time he met Nathan, “This kid, when I first met him, he was so uncomfortable on stage and I could tell that your biggest hurdle was gonna be performing. Honest to God, there were some issues with the vocal stuff, but I have to tell you man, you gave 100% for the effort and the fearlessness that you had to show to come up here and really perform“.

Leave Your Lover

His blind audition

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