Lin Jong At The MCG + K. Oanh H (AKA An American Daughter Returns To Vietnam)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A RICHMOND fan who made a racist remark about Western Bulldogs midfielder Lin Jong at the MCG on Saturday has apologised [...]
Jong has accepted the apology but told the offender his comments during the Tigers-Bulldogs clash were unacceptable. Jong accepted the apology in a statement released by the club today. “It is disappointing these incidents still arise and I want to say to all football fans, including our own, that any abusive behaviour based on someone’s skin colour, race, sexuality or anything like that is just not acceptable in this day and age,” Jong said.

In 2010, three decades after we survived a harrowing boat escape from the communist regime in Vietnam, I broke the news to my father: I would be moving back there with his three grandchildren. He took a step toward me, unblinking. “You know they are my enemy, right?” he asked. “You know we risked our lives to flee Vietnam and now you are taking my grandchildren back there?” I had seen my father angry before, but I hadn’t seen hurt in his eyes. Like many Vietnamese Americans, my father was critical of the communist government that seized control of our homeland in 1975. He had served in the opposing Republic of Vietnam’s Air Force as a mechanic. But growing up in southern California just miles from the “Little Saigon” community of immigrants in the 1980s, politics was never dinner conversation. My decision to return to my birthplace pushed my father to confront memories he’d buried since we fled in 1979.