Bad Damon. Bad.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I loved me some Goodwill Hunting and some Bourne-ness he says himself, I probably don't need to know that much about him...especially if he keeps on this...ummmm....track.

This post from Time I think sums it up. Here's a snippet.

The criticism of Damon’s comments on actors hiding their sexuality wasn’t that it was monstrous; it was simply the observation that a straight actor can “keep his private life private” while walking red carpets with his spouse, which a gay actor simply cannot. There are people out there who know more about the experiences of gay people than does Damon, and when they reacted to Damon’s comments, he simply kept talking over them, louder.
And true - maybe it wasn't monstrous monstrous - but maybe a subtly monstrous?