Headlines: Wrestling, Losing FB Friends, And Snoop Dogg

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I lost my friend because I talked about racism on Facebook

We have all heard the stories or lived them: that person on Facebook who is a loud, bigoted, uneducated and ignorant voice — a racist friend you haven’t talked with in years or an embarrassing homophobic cousin who makes posts that are contrary to another person’s lifestyle, simply because they do not agree with that person’s humanity. For me, it was different. My best friend from high school dumped me for being an activist. This is someone with whom I went through the awkward transition of middle school to high school — boyfriends and breakups, acne and algebra.
Wrestling tournament bars volunteers for racist remarks
The comments, which could be heard on a webcast set up for competitors' family members, were made about a 6-year-old Sioux Falls wrestler, Nokosi Ringing Shield. The boy's grandmother posted about the comments on Facebook, igniting a wave of outrage. The volunteers, who were tracking scores at one of the state tournament's 25 mat stations, could be heard making fun of Native American names, commenting about the boy's ponytail,and making references to Native Americans relying on government assistance.
Snoop Dogg rails on ‘racist piece of s--t’ Arnold Schwarzenegger for cutting sentence of Calif. pol pal’s son
The rapper railed on California’s ex-Governator early Tuesday on the heels of 27-year-old Esteban Nunez, the son of ex-California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, walking free Sunday after serving less than six years of his 16-year sentence. “Look at this s--t I’m witnessing right here. Read this s--t,” Snoop said of a news article about Nunez, who with a friend knifed an unarmed college student to death in 2008. “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s a straight b---h. Punk motherf--ker.”