Last Call + Time For The Earmuffs: Peter Liang, Addendums, Right Lefties, And I'm Not A White Guy (That's Important)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spending a few days up north (and yes, I already am up north - but I was even farther up north) hanging with Baby Slanty in a hotel room for quite some time because K-Wife was doing what she does and I had to be along there, it gave me some nice alone time with more thoughts including those on Peter Liang - and for better or for worse - some addendums, questions, randomness, and doubling down.

  1. I would have been fine if Peter Liang got some jail time. I don't think it should have been 15 years - but I would have been fine with 1-3 and his 5 years of probation (which there's a lot to abide by).
  2. The sentence that was handed down - I was still fine with. I wanted a conviction and I wanted him off the force and some sort of other punishment. The fact that he didn't get jail time -- I absolutely can see how some people don't think it was justice served. At the end of the day for me though - I felt it was a fair sentencing. I don't think Liang should take the brunt for all of it. His partner - who was just as negligent in letting Akai Gurley die should have been prosecuted. The police department - who put them in that situation (and they can say whatever they want) should get sued for millions of dollars - and I would assume they will, and I hope they have to pay out. To me it has to be spread around and I think Liang is taking his part.
  3. If Liang should have had jail time how much should it have been? 1-3? 5? 10-15? Life? Just a general question to throw out in the universe.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't think this shooting is the same as Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, or Jamar Clark (to name just a few) - or in the same vein as Fong Lee or Map Kong.
  5. It can be said - as anything can - but the argument that Liang got off easy because of having an Asian American judge just falls short. Completely.
  6. K-Wife couldn't believe I was fine with what was handed down to Liang. I added my addendums to it - but she like others - didn't really like that I said I was fine with it as far as being fair (or what I felt was fair enough in light of all the circumstances). She likes Bernie. I like Hillary.
  7. I'm fine if people disagree with me on my opinions - but I'm completely tired of the generalization that me thinking what I do about the Liang verdict in taking Akai Gurley's life, makes me an inept person who doesn't understand about the privileges that we can have as Asian Americans, or that I somehow think he should have gotten off easy because he's Asian American and I'm Asian American, or that I somehow value Black lives less. That type of thinking to me is myopic and it's the type of thinking from what I'll call Right Lefties - the "progressive" left leaners, who really use the same tactics and obtuse thinking that they themselves don't like (and I can't help but think to myself about all the progressive people I know who love their football, baseball, and hockey even though it supports such blatant racism and disregard for Native populations which plays a role in causing a cycle of self hatred, poverty, and death. Some progressive Asian Americans don't have a clue about Native/American Indian populations much less Native people in their sphere of influence - and I'm not saying if you like football you're a bigot - all I'm saying is that there are degrees and things are gray).
  8. Just as Liang shouldn't have had the charges dropped because he was Asian American, he shouldn't get it harder because he is Asian American.
  9. I'm always up for respectful debates on this or any other topic.

I'm Just Gonna Say This Like This AKA Feel Free To Just Cover Your Eyes And Move On

I get it.

We can't even come to a census in my own house on it.

There's a lot to it.

But this tone sometimes - not always - but sometimes - that I may not care about the lives of the Black influences in my life - that I just don't give a fuck about co-workers, friends, teachers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, artists, mentors, neighbors in my community --- people who have and do make an impact on my life --- or that I somehow came to the viewpoints I did simply because I'm Asian American and have Asian American bias and can't see past my own racial and cultural makeup - that's what I'm not good with.

This either or mentality with strings attached.

If anyone ever wants to put me in that box (and I'm guessing other people feel the same way) and tell me, or infer that this is who I am because of my thoughts on this - first they can go fuck themselves - and second - they can go fuck themselves some more. I have people in my life where we do not see eye to eye on this, K-Wife just but one, but it's respectful. There's no shit throwing. They're not telling me I'm a piece of shit who doesn't give a fuck about Black lives. And I say it like that because that's the way it sounds sometimes. That's the way it can come off. And they're blogs, articles, etc. that don't have the same viewpoint as me - but that don't have that either. It may be hot. But it's not making that general statement. It's not using the same language that would be used for clueless White People (and I do find that insulting because in so many ways it completely White Washes the experiences of Asian Americans because you can't judge Asian Americans like White People---because we're not White People). I'm not saying there shouldn't be discussions on race and privilege and the degrees and differences of those - internally and laterally, and outside of communities - because you have to. I just believe it doesn't need to be done in that way. I think there's a middle ground in how it can be talked about.