David Hua Is In The Weeds AKA It's A Pot Filled Unicorn AKA Well Not Now But It Could Be?

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I was reading some techcrunch tonight when I came across this article on Meadow - which is a medical cannabis delivery system - and how they recently got $2.1 million in seed financing to build out sales software specific to the cannabis industry. This was the first time I had heard of the company or of co-founder David Hua and if you haven't already read the article - it's a good read:

I’ve been smoking since high school, and it’s always made me feel great” co-founder David Hua tells me. The expectedly super-chill entrepreneur explains that “it’s helped me in so many different ways,” and now he wants to help others provide everything from psychoactive euphoria to pain relief in pot form.

Hua was the head of platform at Sincerely, which let people turn their camera phone photos into gift cards and other physical products. But after Sincerely was acquired by Provide Commerce, he craved more of the startup life, and left with some co-workers to devise a new venture. They brainstormed everything from landlord-tenant software to shift management for small businesses, “but ultimately those ideas petered out. We weren’t totally passionate about it.
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