Ice Cream And Awesome People Always Win Out Over Racists

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happened to catch this BuzzFeed article on this racist whatchamacallit who decided to take out his angry aggression on two Muslim women in an ice cream shop, where much to his dismay I'm sure - the Muslim women and the good folks working at the ice cream parlor put an end to it - which only goes to show a few things:

1. Keep those cameras handy because you never know when you might need to record a racist (and at the same time you'll have some real live footage of what will hopefully become extinct).

2. People may be scared at times, but fuck if good people are gonna let racists interrupt their ice cream time (and again, I'll take mine lactose free please).

3. The words "You suck" and "You're a racist" never get old.

4. Some people just can't comprehend that White doesn't = White Racist MF and I wonder if one day their heads will just explode from that realization.