Music Video Me: Beatrock Music + Rocky Rivera + Turn You + #pussypower

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My latest video continues where Pussy Kills left off: a declaration to proselytize #pussypower and continue the fight to protect women's rights. To add complexity to the scope of what it means to be a #Feminist, and to buck the impossible gold standard we often make in comparison to ourselves and others. With the help of three SFSU cinema students, @konablue8, @dave_quiroga and @fazeproductionssf @kirstenstorment - who volunteered to shoot the video and submit it as their final project in the class - I rap about my personal experiences navigating life, love, and rap music as a Feminist. Where do you stand? Watch the entire video and leave a comment on YouTube! Most importantly, use it in your educational discussions with young people and each other to dissect what it means to be a Feminist in 2016.