Out But In: Jeremy Lin's Hairstyle To Points Average, GQ, And Where's He Going Next?

Monday, May 02, 2016

While Lin and the Hornets were out in Game 7, and the debate on where he ends up after this summer (when he'll most likely get courted by a nice big stack of green) is only just beginning - if you need some more Linpostsanity-sanity and didn't already see this article in GQ, What Hairstyle Does Jeremy Lin Play Best In?, from a few days ago - check it out - because I feel like the next NBA stat is here...

Perhaps most notable is the success of the comb-over, which Lin favored from early January until mid-March. The Hornets were a middling 17-18 when Lin truly adopted the look, and he dropped 26 points on the Clippers in a losing effort on January 9, one of his best offensive outputs of the season