Dolly Khuu (Khưu Hiền Duyên) Comes Back From Vietnamese Jail

Friday, June 03, 2016

Glad to see that at least they didn't keep her there for a month (or longer...), but not great that she was kept there in the first place:

Dolly Khuu ran into her family's arms at the arrival gate of Norfolk International Airport just before 2 a.m. Friday. The embrace with her two daughters and son lasted more than five minutes. "I fight hard to be here with them. I say no matter what, I have to be home because I do nothing wrong," said Dolly. Dolly tells News 3 while she was detained, she did not give up on her message. She saw being in prison as a chance to speak directly to the government about what was wrong with communist Vietnam. "They have no rights and freedom at all and that make me feel like I need to speak for them. Not on their behalf, but on behalf of freedom and human rights that they should have," said Dolly.
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