#SendTilaTequilaBack: AKA You're Just A Racist White Girl In Disguise

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Dear Tila You Non-Vietnamese Waste Of Space,

First let me say that by waste of space I mean waste of space in regard to your politics - not the fact that your a mom who needs to raise a child - although I feel for them. In that way you're allowed to take up space in this great land of ours, because that's what we do.

We're a country of freedom, giving the benefit of the doubt, at its heart a country of misfits who rebelled against the status quo to have a brighter future.

Do you even realize how the same people and mindset that you're pulling for won't think twice about sending your ass back if there's a Conflict 3.0?

Maybe you'll get a stay in Singapore and Vietnam.

Anyway - because your FB post says it all and I don't have any more time to ponder this - and while there's hardly a chance of this ever happening...

Here's to hoping someday you truly do get a clue.

I'm not even gonna sign this