On Mainak Sarkar, Condemning Killers, And Calling Out Racism

Thursday, June 02, 2016

I don't care what color or ethnicity a person is and how bad they feel they got the shaft - going off on a killing spree is COMPLETELY FUCKED UP and you have to ask the question of how this gets into someone's mind to go on a cross country killing spree. Plenty of people get the shaft - or feel like they got the shaft - and you don't see them blowing everyone to the fucking ground.

Seriously - WTF is wrong with people?

And don't tell me it has anything to do with his ethnicity, race, or religion (because we don't even know anything about that yet and even if we do - that's not the case).

Sure - some people will and have already come out with their subtle or not so subtle racism - and while I can understand pain and anger - you can't judge a whole shitload of people on one person (or else that means that the White Kids should get put into detention far more than the kids of color do because of mass shootings - which we all know isn't right).

It's sad that we have to make posts, tweets, blurbs, and status messages about both the killing of innocent people while still having to call out racism. I mean how fucked up is it that we still need to do that at the same time? And no - it's not our fault that we have to do it - don't lay that part of it on our shoulders because we're not the ones who bring it.

My condolences to the families who were shot by this man and I hope at some point in their life they can have some peace in their lives.