Damn NBC News Asian America

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Seriously - you're still promoting a racist show that so many people have demonstrated against?

A show that's steeped in colonial orientalism and as I said in my YOMYOMF post "set in the dreams of White People"?

Again - I'm not saying it's all bad - but you need to think about the Asian America that's tagged to your site then, and what your mission is - because how can Asian Americans fight if members in the community, and an outlet that at least I've thought is supposed to be shedding a light on Asian Americans, is promoting racist shows like "Miss Saigon"?

And while I have nothing against Nick Ut or the commemoration of the anniversary of his famous picture (mostly) - I find it odd that on a site that's supposed to be in the spirit of Asian America, Phan Thị Kim Phúc's name can't be found in a headline - versus doing mostly the same thing as most everyone else - focusing on a naked tortured Vietnamese child. And yes you do have a pic up of her now as an adult - but her name isn't anywhere to be found on it (and sure it's the main page, no captions for images...) - so she's kind of nameless again. Yes, it's still talking about Nick Ut AKA Huỳnh Công Út - but it's the same, somewhat torture war porn imagery we like to remember in America, and about Vietnamese Americans.

When you put those two together - I have a hard time swallowing it.