My Random Notes To White Guys

Monday, March 06, 2017

For some odd reason just a general thought in the sense that I get it - you have some of the same problems that we do. And it's not like you technically had to worry about some of the same things we have (at least right away). You were just trying to get by, make a life - do those things. I get it. You're just trying to live your life.

Same here.

And it's not like I don't like White People.

Or that I don't like White actors in movies for example - I mean when you can just focus on your craft that's a beautiful thing.

Not everyone can though. When there have, and are, attitudes and laws against POC - it's just different.

And yeah - I want to have fun. Do cool shit. Just fuck around sometimes. Who doesn't? But sometimes the weight of what's happening to people around me and in my communities makes me pause and makes me have to say something. Do something. Not sit idly by. And I know - time, struggles - we have to do what we have to do - and sure it's great when everyone can stand together, but if not, as long as no one's telling me what I should or shouldn't be fighting - it'll be cool.

One last thing - if you're in a room and someone is talking about dumbass White Guys, most likely they aren't talking about you - no need to step in for a team that you don't need to belong too.