Loving The New Season Of Insecure, Be As Black As You Wanna Be, And Asian Man Temptation

Thursday, September 13, 2018

I've been getting into the new season of Insecure and just really enjoying the show. One of the things, at least I noticed, is that they're concentrating more on the core group - and I like where they are taking Issa's character - and I think it's important in part simply because it's a Black show about Black women (not Black men either, but they obviously play a part). In that way, I feel like it's more authentic, versus some of the other characters - White, Latino, Asian - they were backdrops and not always ones I always liked (or felt they could do more with).

And that's where I'm like "Be As Black As You Want To Be". Show Black people everywhere. Make no excuses, and flesh out the characters that matter.

In that sense, just like with shows that are predominantly White - I'm fine in some ways if they don't have Asian characters because they just might be stereotypes (and obviously there's another side to that argument). And in that way, while not the same (and I liked some of the Asian characters from the show before) - sometimes it felt like it was being inclusive for the sake of being inclusive - in a way, like other POC can get on the train.

But it didn't feel quite authentic in some ways either - or maybe it was problematic too--which isn't a bad thing per necessarily, but Insecure feels like it should be, overall, fun - even with introspection and tackling real world issues.

That's what I like about this season more so - no matter who the characters are - if they are there - there's a focus, or the characters are a means to an end (and I won't give away any spoilers).

And that also doesn't mean they can't have an Asian character who might also be a temptation...

Like in this season's Episode 5 "High-Like" where who knows...maybe Molly and Alexander Hodge (II)...maybe there's some Temptation...

Whatever does or doesn't happen (because I think Molly will hook up with someone from her law firm long term, or at least for a good/bad/good/no good time) - it doesn't mean there can't at least be some Asian man candy for an episode or two (and I'd rather have candy than something that might look to be fresh and crunchy only to lose its flavor in a couple days).

And still be authentic.


Telling Black stories.


Kelli @ Coachella = Gold.

Pure MF Gold.